How can the different airline or hotel manage profit by charging so discriminately?

Revenue Management, also known as yield management, is a process for capacity-constrained industries to maximize profitability by allocating the right inventory to the right customers at the right price.

This Competitive Pricing Intelligence Report helps you to know more your competitors. It makes you better informed about important issues like setting the price/discount of products or services in the market. It also identifies your competitors' strengths, weaknesses and strategies. We undertake weekly, monthly and seasonal competitor monitoring research programmes which help benchmark client activity in terms of product range development and price architectures.

The Competitive Pricing Intelligence Report helps you to monitor and evaluate competitive pricing, and helps you to translate that information into recommended tactical and strategic actions. This Competitive Pricing Intelligence report play a very important in our market-based segmentation strategy. Competitive Pricing Intelligence Report helps your Pricing Intelligence Manager to analyze competitor promotional and pricing strategies, and provide recommended actions to their product and pricing teams.

Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel business is now emerging as a more streamlined, efficient and focused industry. Passenger bookings have rebounded in both leisure travel and business travel. We Provide the online managed data(Through Excel Sheet) or as required by the client to know about the Competitive Pricing of hotels, resorts, airlines, discount airlines, Internet travel sites, cruise lines, travel agencies and more.:
  • Market research, competitive pricing intelligence and business analysis for all travel and tourism business
  • Analysis of major hotel, hospitality and resort industry trends and developments, hotel and resort operators and management firms
  • Cruise industry
  • Airline industry analysis and trends, including discount airlines, regional airlines and national airlines
  • Theme Parks & Entertainment Destination
  • Casino hotels and gambling destinations
  • Car rental operators
  • Passenger train operators
  • Personal jet, air taxi and business jet trends
  • Business travel and luxury travel
  • Tour operators, travel services
  • E-commerce trends in the travel business, including online booking, ticket sales and research—as well as profiles of leading online travel companies

Retail & Consumer Goods Industry

As Retail & Consumer Goods Industry became increasingly competitive,superstores and giant discounters are popping up on major corners, the ability to react quickly and decisively to the market trends and to tailor retail products and services for individual clients is more critical than ever. A Competitive Pricing Intelligence system can be a very effective means of organizing and analyzing the vast amount of information generated in a retail business, and help you generate a more effective business model for keeping your business profitable.
Advantage of Competitive Pricing Intelligence in Retail Industry
  • Improved your business by collecting and analyzing data from various systems.
  • Help managers to design marketing campaigns for specific product's Pricing/Discounts
  • Retailers gain a better understanding of their customers' buying behavior, this analysis can then be used to create more effective merchandising plans for the next season.
  • Improving response time to market changes
  • You can impress your customers by showing them that your prices are better
  • You can identify which products may not compete well on price

Life Sciences Industry & Health Care Products

Success in business or in life, really only depends on a series of good decisions.Global markets, competitors, and their products, as well as global mergers,they bring opportunity and as well as risk. Our Competitive Pricing Intelligence Report will help senior executives, strategic planners, competitive intelligence trackers, marketers, sales, and other professionals in the life sciences & Health care products to understand the nature of markets for their products and understand their competition on a global basis.
  • Analyzing the price of leading companies products & services that are active in the global marketplace
  • For Effective sales and marketing
  • Real-Time Market Information

You'll find a competitive pricing intelligence data sheet in superb format to help senior executives, strategic planners, competitive intelligence trackers, marketers, sales, and other professionals in deciding your competitive Price with in a value-priced package.